The University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (UMGSA) is the student governed association representing graduate students at the university, and functions on all of its affiliate campuses. With over 3000 students completing graduate work in over 90 disciplines, the UMGSA is the official voice of graduate students at the University of Manitoba.

The UMGSA is guided by its vision, goals and governing documents, all of which focus on promoting and providing graduate student advocacy, offering services and support to students, as well as developing and encouraging involvement in the graduate student community. To learn what services are available to you such as department grants, conference grants, advocacy services, social events, printing services, and awards, among others. Or, to find out how to become involved as a committee member, Councillor for your department, or volunteer for events, or for any other information, please feel free to contact us at or drop into our office at 221 University Centre.

If you would like to know more about the executive, who are responsible for the day to day functioning of the UMGSA, click here. The Health Sciences Graduate Student Association (HSGSA) is a sub-organization of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and represents graduate students on the Bannatyne and St. Boniface campuses, for more information on the HSGSA executive click here.

On the administrative side of things, our office has a full-time office manager and a part-time executive assistant, for more on these roles click here. If you are a Councillor, or are interested in becoming a Councillor, and are looking for relevant documents click here. Finally, if you still have questions that you think the UMGSA may be able to answer or concerns that you want addressed, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.