From socials, to luncheons to sporting events, the UMGSA is busy planning events for graduate students. Every year the UMGSA has seasonal socials for students to relax and have some fun. There is also an annual sporting event and awards luncheon at the beginning of each academic year. Check back here for the most updated events, OR come by the office at 221 University Centre and ask about upcoming events.

Each academic term we have events planned for student participation and involvement, if you are interested in participating in our summer sporting event click here. The Fall is a busy and eventful time of year for graduate students, no need to worry though because we are here for you. Come join us for an orientation introducing you to the university and resources around campus or on Halloween, for more on Fall events click here.

Each Winter the UMGSA organizes events to help keep you warm and bring you out of hibernation. Whether you are looking for Valentines Day plans or are interested in meeting the new incoming executive we have got you covered. If you want to know more about what we have planned for the Winter term click here.

The university has events happening around campus and provides many opportunities to be involved in groups and organizations on campus. If you would like to become more involved in activities and events around campus click here. Winnipeg is a vibrant and growing city, there are frequently events, and other types of entertainment, happening around town. One way you can see more of the events happening around the city is by clicking here.