The voting period has ended and the provisional results for the UMGSA 2023/24 General Election are:

    President (total votes cast: 600)

    Christopher Yendt (Education, PhD), Vision – 507 (85%) 

    Vice-President Academic (total votes cast: 628)

    Porus Rana (Management – MBA), The Student Voice – 235 (37%)

    Hanieh Rezasoltani (Chemistry), Raise Your Voice – 393 (63%) 

    Vice-President Services and Support (total votes cast: 596)

    Timilehin Oluwajuyitan (Food Science), Vision – 375 (63%) 

    Shivam Sabharwal (Management – MBA), The Student Voice – 221 (37%)

    Vice-President Finance and Administration (total votes cast: 639)

    Julie Xue (Management – MBA), The Student Voice – 324 (51%)

    Nazi Yaghoobian (Landscape Architecture), Vision – 315 (49%)

    Senator (total votes cast – 692)

    Armin Aghajani (Engineering & Information Technology) – 282 (41%) 

    Rowshan Ara Lubna (Education), Vision – 281 (41%)

    Uche Nwankwo (Natural Resources), Vision – 314 (45%)

    Mir Towseef (Management – MBA), The Student Voice – 232 (34%)

Click here to view the 2023/2024 Candidates

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The positions available include:

  • President
  • Vice-President, Services & Support
  • Vice-President, Academic
  • Vice-President, Finance & Administration 
  • Senator
  • Senator

The detailed description of each role can be found on pages 8-10 of the Governance & Operations Manual

Click here to access the Governance & Operations manual.

Election Forums

The UMGSA Election Forums are a great venue for you to listen to each candidate speak on student issues.

Fort Garry Campus & Bannatyne Campus Joint Forum

Date & Time: March 15th, 2023 at 5:00PM CT
Location: Zoom

The Election Forum is open to all graduate students and is a chance for YOU to ask the UMGSA Executive Candidates any questions you have about their plans for the 2023/24 term, before casting your vote.

Register in advance for the Election Forum here:
2023 UMGSA Election Forum | UMGSA

Relevant deadlines and dates

  • Nomination Period: February 6-17, 2023
  • Pre-Campaign Period: February 20-26, 2023
  • Campaign Prep Period: February 27- March 12, 2023
  • Campaign Period: March 13-19, 2023
  • Voting Period: March 20-21, 2023

*please note that the ‘Nomination period’ and the ‘Campaign prep period’ also counts as part of the ‘pre-campaign’ period for regulation purposes.

Voting Period

Voting will take place from 9AM (9:00) Monday, March 20th to 5PM (17:00) on Tuesday, March 21st.

Voting will take place by online vote only. You can vote via the link that will be sent to your email address at the start of the voting period. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive the voting email on Monday morning.

Application guidelines and forms

Kindly review the Election & Referendum Manual and appropriate forms below.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback , please contact the Chief Returning Officer, Sudhanshu Bhatnagar at