Breakdown of costs needed by graduate students for their program (tuition, cost of living)

2022/2023 Tuition and Cost of Living Breakdown

  1. Tuition varies by program, visit: Graduate tuition and fees

  1. Cell Phone:
    5. (cheapest and of good quality if you already own a phone, also lets you text world-wide without extra cost)

On average a phone plan with unlimited data will cost about $70-80/month

  1. Internet

Both MTS and Shaw have good student plans, be sure to negotiate with them, they’re often willing to lower their prices. Most of them increase after a year, if they do this, threaten to switch to the other one and they’ll lower your costs again.

You should be able to find something for around $60.00/month

  1. Rent + Bills:
    1. Globe Property Management: Apartments For Rent
    2. Trovit: Houses and apartments for sale and for rent
    3. 🙂 Apartments, Condos and Houses for Rent Across Canada
    4. Winnipeg Apartments, Condos & House Rentals
    5. Winnipeg Apartments for Rent – Available Apartments
    6. Affordable Apartment, Housing, Rental Properties, Guides for Tenants and Landlords in Winnipeg, Manitoba
    7. Apartments for Rent in Winnipeg, MB with 921 Rentals
    8. ? Apartments & Condos for Sale or Rent in Winnipeg (great for finding low budget rentals but be cautious and avoid paying before seeing the apartment)

Rent will vary a lot depending on the area of the city you are in. The averages are on the rentboard website at this link:

  1. Food and Health
    1. Costco
    2. Food Family
    3. Giant Tiger
    4. London Drugs
    5. Real Canadian Superstore
    6. Safeway
    7. Sobeys
    8. Walmart

  1. Winter Clothes
    1. Atmosphere
    2. Costco
    3. Giant Tiger
    4. Mark’s Work Warehouse
    5. Polo Park Shopping Centre
    6. Real Canadian Super Store
    7. Sport Check
    8. St. Vital Shopping Centre
    9. Winners
    10. Outlet Collection Winnipeg

  1. Transportation
    1. Winnipeg Transit for buses
    2. Uber
    3. Unicity Taxi
    4. Duffy’s Taxi

All graduate students pay into U-Pass for transport. For more information on U-Pass go here.

Crime Rates in different areas of Manitoba

  1. Monthly statistical police reports: Monthly Statistical Report – Winnipeg Police Service
  2. Or annual police reports: Annual Reports – Winnipeg Police Service

Need more information you can’t seem to find anywhere else? Contact the UMGSA | UMGSA