U-Pass Information

The U-Pass is back for Fall Term 2022!

The U-Pass is a Universal Transit Pass which provides unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit services for Full-Time students in exchange for a mandatory fee. For the 2022-2023 school year, the U-Pass fee of $212.00 per term is automatically assessed on your Aurora fee statement.

If you are eligible for the U-Pass (you can check to see if you were assessed the U-Pass fee on your tuition fee statement in Aurora) you can visit the UMSU Service Centre (Fort Gary) or Answers (Bannatyne) to pick up your U-Pass today. For those not eligible for the U-Pass, Post-Secondary Peggo Cards are available for purchase at the same locations.

Please visit UMSU’s Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Why do we have a U-Pass?

In 2020, UMGSA held a Referendum to decide whether or not to continue assessing the graduate student population for the U-Pass. There were a total of 1369 votes, 1011 of them being in favor of continuing our agreement with UMSU and University of Winnipeg to cost share transit costs to allow ALL students to have access to Transit — it is also part of the climate change action plan that UMGSA supports. The fee is there to support those who cannot afford external transportation (for the greater good). If we were to allow opt-outs, the U-Pass would be cancelled for every student (U of M & U of W). Once the contract is up another referendum can be held if enough students are passionate about the cancellation.

Student Care: Health & Dental Plan

Change-of-Coverage Period: August 25th – September 22nd, 2022 CLOSED

Visit Student Care and be sure to select the UMGSA location rather UMSU if you are a graduate student.

Under “Coverage” on the right hand side there are options for Opt Outs, Self Enrolment, and Couple & Family Enrolments

If you’re in need of assistance please visit the Student Care Office at room 150, University Centre or phone the helpline at 1-866-416-8707.