UMGSA Lounge Booking

To book the UMGSA Lounge, you must email Ruth (Office Manager) at and include the answers to the following questions.

Please note: we need seven business days lead time to book the Lounge.

  1. What date(s) are you hoping to book?
  2. What hours would your group be using it?
  3. Are you a registered UM student?
  4. Please provide your student #
  5. Who is this gathering for?
  6. What is the purpose?
  7. Are you a student group registered with UMSU?
  8. How many people are you expecting?
  9. What kind of furniture arrangement will you require?
  10. Will you use the projector and screen?

Please provide your own laptop and connecting cord.

  1. Who will be in charge?
  2. Please provide their name, cellphone number and student number:
  3. And will they be in attendance the whole time?
  4. Will there be food involved?

Potlucks are not allowed. You can bring in pre-packaged snacks, or you must order food from a licensed establishment.

15. Will there be alcohol involved?

You would need to obtain a liquor permit from Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba:

When you provide these answers we can submit the request to Conference & Catering Services. They will make the decision whether the Lounge is ready for a booking on that day. They will provide the set up.