*It is important to note that the UMGSA Conference Grant program is funding limited and does NOT guarantee funding for applicants.

The Conference Grant regulations can be found in the UMGSA Governance and Operations Manual

The UMGSA, through the Finance Committee, will make funds available to University of Manitoba graduate students wishing to attend or present at conferences who do not have adequate resources to do so.  Conferences must advance the student’s course of study.  Applications will be accepted throughout the year and processed by the Finance Committee on a monthly basis. Except in extenuating circumstances, the Finance Committee decisions can be appealed to a maximum of two times.  The resolution of any unresolved appeals that remain at the end of an Executive term will become the responsibility of the new Executive.

This clause is specifically in place because of the Covid-19 Pandemic:

In light of the pandemic, complete applications can be submitted on the first day of the conference and up to 60 days following the last conference day. The registration fees for virtual conferences will be refunded to a maximum of $500.00, if an applicant is eligible. Thus, regulations 2e which specifies the maximum amounts for conferences at specific locations and 2k which outlines that attendance and presentations at web conferences will be treated as conferences in the applicant’s city of residence will not be regarded at this time.

The UMGSA Conference Grant is available for University of Manitoba graduate students attending conferences.  The award amount varies depending on the location of the conference.

As a graduate student, you’re eligible to receive up to $500.00 per year from the UMGSA, and a maximum of $500.00 over the course of a Masters Program and $1000.00 over the course of a Doctoral Program.

Complete applications must be submitted online between 60 days prior to the first conference day and 60 days following the last conference day.

Applications submitted prior to the 18th of the month will be reviewed at the following Finance Committee meeting. If you need help with your application, drop by our office at 221 UMSU University Centre and we will be happy to help you. 

Finance Committee Meetings 2021-22 TBA

Please allow 21 business days after the scheduled Finance Committee meeting to be notified of the Committee’s decision, but feel free to call the UMGSA office anytime at (204) 474-9181 if you would like to know the status of your application.

Online Application System

You are now required to complete your UMGSA Conference Grant Application entirely online.

  1. Click here to access the online application form.
  2. Complete the online application and upload all of your supporting documents.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about this system, please contact our Governance & Communications Coordinator at gcc@umgsa.org